King Kahawai Competition rule clarification

We have been asked to clarify the rules around the fish being whole not gutted, the rules state that the fish must be whole not gutted but as there is nothing in the rules about fish being bled if people wish to bleed their fish so they can be kept for eating that is ok.

10th King Kahawai Rules 2015

Click here for the rules 10th King Kahawai Rules 2015

10th King Kahawai Fishing Competition 2015

King Kahawai Competition

King Kahawai Competition

King Kahawai Competition 2013


King Kahawai Competition Winners 2013

1st Senior Graham Dyer 2.120 (ballot)

1st Junior Brae McGowan 2.050

Senior Men Bryan Jamieson 2.120

Senior Lady Tania Stoop 2.060 (ballot)

Junior Girl Danielle Stoop 2.130

Junior Boy Peter Tawhare 2.040

Early Bird Jack Winter

Senior Spot Prize Kayak Chris Blanchfield

Junior Spot Prize Kayak Breegan Waihi

Heaviest fish weighed 2.910 kg

Lightest fist weighed 1.010 kg

141 Kahawai weighed in at an average overall weight of 2.096 kg

King Kahawai Competition 2012

It just doesn’t get any better than that, Brilliantweather, perfect river and bar conditions, The contestants were awesome and a Greymouth fishing Club that ran like a well oiled machine. A big thank you has to be given to all those involved with the running of it and the support given to us by our Sponcers was just mind blowing. The feedback I have had was more than glowing with several saying it was the best one yet.

So thanks again to the public for supporting us again and keep those lines tight until King Kahawai 2013